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Our Physiotherapy Treatments

Physiotherapy is quite effective to speed up the healing process for patients with amputations, strains in the spine, arthritis or who underwent any sort of medical operation. SMART Medical Centre expertise in the following methods to ensure faster rehabilitation process.

Physiotherapists can help patient in following process

  • Undertake a comprehensive examination/assessment of the patient/client or needs of a client group
  • Evaluate the findings from the examination/assessment to make clinical judgments regarding patients/clients
  • Formulate a diagnosis, prognosis and plan
  • Provide consultation within their expertise and determine when patients/clients need to be referred to another healthcare professional
  • Implement a physical therapist intervention/treatment programme
  • Determine the outcomes of any interventions/treatments
  • Make recommendations for self-management


It is a type of energy-based physiotherapy technique in which electrical stimulation is delivered with the help of electrodes attached to the skin. Electrotherapy is performed in patients with paralysis and severely reduced range of motion.

Range of Motion Exercises

The body needs adequate rest during the early stages of recovery from surgery or bone injuries, but long periods of immobility may actually lengthen the healing process. Therefore, range of motion exercises are ordered to encourage movement and joint mobility and facilitate circulation. It is also beneficial in preventing muscle atrophy and related postural problems.

Cryotherapy and Heat Therapy

Professional athletes and people with desk jobs often complain of sore and stiff muscles. In such a case, application of heat or cold to the affected areas can relieve them of muscle tightness anywhere on their body. In heat therapy, hot packs or paraffin wax are applied. Cryotherapy may involve an ice massage or application of ice pack.

Soft Tissue Mobilisation

It is also known as therapeutic massage and can help in relaxing the muscles and reduce the swelling in certain areas. Soft tissue mobilisation is an excellent technique to treat the pain associated with athletic injuries. It also helps in ensuring adequate blood circulation, lymph flow and reducing swelling around the inflamed joints.

Kinesio Taping

In this physiotherapy treatment, a Kinesio tape is applied to the skin to stabilise the joints and muscles while the patient undergoes treatment. Moreover, the Kinesio tape doesn’t obstruct any movement during the range of motion exercises.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

It involves the utilisation of sound waves to treat injuries in the body. The sound waves are absorbed by ligaments, tendons and fascia and can relieve a person suffering from arthritis, muscle strains and tendonitis.

Frequently Asked Questioins

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  • Physiotherapists help people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice. They maintain health for people of all ages, helping patients to manage pain and prevent disease.

  • The various branches of neuroscience are:

    Behavioural neuroscience
    Developmental neuroscience
    Cognitive neuroscience
    Systems neuroscience
    Molecular neuroscience

  • Rehabilitation Science is an interdisciplinary field that concentrates on the function and disability problems in humans. A physician who has completed training in the Rehabilitation field is referred to as a physiatrist or rehabilitation medicine specialist.

  • Rehabilitation is recommended for patients who recovering from surgeries and injuries such as Traumatic brain injury, stroke, Guillain barre syndrome, Spinal cord injury, Sports injury, Cardiac injury, Long term ICU stay patients, Parkinson's disease, Muscular dystrophy, Diabetic foot, Painful/deformed joint problems and Nerve injury/ Palsy, Acute/ Chronic painful conditions.

  • A Rehabilitation Specialist or Physiatrist specializes in recovering the overall function of people with injuries to the muscles, bones, tissues, and nervous system.

  • The three main types of rehabilitation are occupational, physical, and speech rehabilitation therapy.